sex with a stranger

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years now. My last GWS was actually about an event that happened before we got together, I wrote It to remember it and I liked that others enjoyed it. Last week we experienced something that has put our bedroom action into overdrive. We booked and flew out to Spain for some sun, this was a fortnight after I had had an adult photo shoot in a local studio. He bought it for me as a gift at Christmas, he thought it would be sexy to have me undress for someone to pose nude. I really enjoyed It in the end, I had never done anything like it and wasn’t really happy about going at first but by the end of the shoot, we had made a friend and we had some great photos I’m still undecided about making a canvas yet!. Spain was as expected, we’ve been in the area before and just enjoy the bars and the heat really, we’re not there to party too hard and defiantly not touring. Talk on the first night got pretty hot pretty quickly, the holiday mood brought us back thinking about the photo shoot and how the following days were just full of me getting naked and my BF having his way with me. In 2003 I had spent a night or two with a girl, I’m not interested in a relationship with a woman, I just find them attractive and when the opportunity arose, I didn’t complain. Since then I have become more open with my sexuality and so when we were at this bar, I had no problem in talking about girls there with my partner. As the booze flowed we had a good laugh together but it soon got late, so we strolled back to the hotel where we took our time with each other, kissing a licking all over before making each other orgasm. The next day by the pool we talked some more about men and women and what we both thought on sharing. Our joined fantasy it seemed, was to watch, I love to watch couples, I don’t watch a lot of porn but I like the idea of it. We’ve built enough trust and strength in the relationship to know where we stand, we’re old enough to know better but then we are both pretty carefree. We joked and formed a plan for the evening, it was simple. We go to the bar, the one closest at the hotel and my partner will watch me as I lure in a man. He would then go to the room before I decide to leave the bar and get out onto the balcony…it sounded so cheesy, movie like in a way but it actually all came true. We got ready for the evening after we both showered from the late afternoon sun by the pool, I think we were both quite quiet as we both knew this was getting serious and we were both very horny by this point. He tried it on with me a couple of times but I know if I had pleasured him there that this wouldn’t work. After fooling around by gently licking his cock on the bed, I got up and told him to get ready before we lose it. I put on one of only two ‘going out’ dresses, a short black figure hugging dress with a zip up the bust click for picky. We walked down to the bar exchanging glances, we both knew where we’d be going our separate ways which is when I got very very nervous. I was going to have to leave him and have a big space between him and me and I didn’t like it…the problem was we had discussed we needed to split to make it work. Here is more info in regards to amateur interacial porn,, check out our own website. I went to the loo’s and he went to the bar to get a drink. When I came back there were nothing but couples, I was freaked out, how could I sit near the bar…alone like this?! The bar was thankfully mood lit, with a large floor area, dance floor and lots of large plants. It reminded me of something South American in a way I think that was the vibe they tried pulling off. The music was loud enough that people spoke in raised voices and slowly I got into the mood of being on my own. I lost sight of my partner, which I later found out was purposeful, he ducked into the background further down the room, so I felt very alone. After finishing a cocktail and ordering another, my nerves went from spiky to smoothed out pretty quickly. I hadn’t noticed the guy at the bar as I was busy watching the DJ do his thing, he was playing a Moloko track I liked. He was about 6ft, blonde hair and broad shoulders…he was wearing some smart trousers with shoes and just a casual white shirt. He had noticed me already by the look of things, I caught his eye and without thinking, I turned my head from looking at him through slightly closed eyes. He turned and was watching the TV screen above the windows behind us waiting for his drink. When his drink came he didn’t move, as I was analysing everything he was doing by this point, I figured he wasn’t there to see anybody. After ten minutes had passed, he took a chance and came over to drop a line I figured. He made me drop my guard almost instantly with a lovely smile, he had facial hair covering most of his lower jaw, it was cute and defiantly blonde too. All he did was tell me who he was and if I wanted a drink, I accepted I still had half a glass of G&T! and acted rather coy about it all. The short and sweet version is that he came over as I looked to be on my own and everyone else was either married of partnered up. We talked some crap about what was being shown on the TV but all I could think about was what I was prepared to do right now. All this thinking about who he is, why he’s here and his life story was of no interest to me, I was extremely wet by now…I kinda regretted wearing panties at all but the red underwear I was wearing would defiantly bring a smile to his face. I squirmed on the stool somewhat as he spoke to me and I drank more gin, I was aching for something to touch there and only had the stool for comfort at this point. His name was Alex and he was from Sweden, he was thankfully an open, warm character who made me feel at ease before I tried dropping any hints, I trusted him enough to not be a complete weirdo. I laugh at this now but he completely missed the first couple of hints, at one point I literally told him which room I was staying in at the hotel and it totally flew over his head, I had to try a different approach. Before I could try anything else he went to the toilets, I got my phone out and text my partner who I hadn’t seen in almost two hours. I just told him I was trying to get this guy to come around to the hotel so maybe he should make his way there. When Alex returned, I could tell at that point he was pretty drunk but not overly, he was just smiley and talkative which helped. He asked me which hotel I was at and when I explained he realised that this bar is just around the corner, he was pretty pleased with that and offered to walk me around. As we walked my heels were difficult to navigate over the cobbled streets, I put my arm through Alex’s and that’s when it sank in. My heart started racing, so much so I didn’t know whether to giggle or cry, I guess what kept me from doing either was that my partner knew exactly what I was doing and would be there when I got in the room. We got to the room on the 4th floor and I used the card, opened the door and the curtains were drawn almost fully, I knew then that my partner must be there. That was my signal to relax a little, so to avoid any awkward silences I asked if Alex would like a drink. I made coffee for two and sat on a chair in front of the windows facing Alex, I had to try hard not to look at the windows too much, my mind was racing now as I thought if I made this happen quick then he wouldn’t want to take a look outside. Like in some kind of heated scene in a movie, Alex complimented me on my dress and my legs, if I’m honest with myself I could have just taken him then, I was extremely horny and ready for anything. I tried to avoid the questions about why I was there on my own in the hotel, all I said was that I was there with friends but they were a few miles from this hotel. I got up and walked over to the table next to him and put my coffee cup down, I had done this just to do something other than talk about my reasons for being there and it worked. When I put my cup down I didn’t move, I stayed there next to him, he looked up at my eyes and put his hand on my thigh. I put my arms around his neck a little and he moved his hand up the inside of my legs, the back of his hand touched my panties. He immediately withdrew and said “Whoa..” and then chuckled, I had to laugh to and moved in closer for him to explore. He got his hands back onto my thighs and started to nibble and my stomach area through my dress, this felt pretty hot, I needed to get these panties off as they had been soaking for some time. I stood back from Alex and slowly peeled off my panties so he could see. He stood up and put his arms around me, holding my ass, as he did so I unbuttoned his shirt….I had become lost in this moment, I couldn’t tell how much my BF could see but I knew if he wanted to he could. I squatted in front of Alex and kissed around his stomach slowly whilst removing his belt. With that off I ran my hands up his legs this time and didn’t get all that far up his thigh when I felt and saw his member, hard pressed against his leg, I looked up at him and he must have seen the shock in my expression. His cock must have been at least 9 inches judging by how far down his leg It was, my BF measures a good eight and believe me when I say, that is more than enough for me. As his trousers became looser with his fly now undone, I pulled gently at his boxers, still kissing him all over his pelvic area. I could have taken my time I guess but this was too much to control, his cock came out from his boxers hanging satisfyingly well below his balls. I kissed the tip of it and it was wet with pre-cum, I licked and got more of it around my lips. He placed his hands on my head gently and wiped his cock around my mouth, I left my mouth open for him, it had gotten harder and larger by now. At the back of my mouth it started to water, I held his thighs and gently brought him in closer. I could feel his veins sliding over my lips as I swallowed, he was wide too, I got it to the back of my mouth and when It touched my throat I slightly gagged and a lot of saliva ran down my mouth and then down my chin. Embarrassed I quickly wiped that clean and stood up, I held his cock my hand, I could hardly get my hand around it. He kissed my neck and turned me around, groping me hard, I could smell the drink on his breath and to be honest, I really liked it…I was quite tipsy too and now felt pretty relaxed with it. He reached around and took down the zip on the front of my dress, exposing me bra, he spun me around again and went at them with his mouth…I was now facing the window and I could see me partner. I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or anything, I just knew he was in the gap watching, I felt quite bad not knowing but come to the conclusion quickly that if he didn’t like it he’d defiantly come in here, he wouldn’t leave me to it. I made sure that both lamps were on because if it was too dark in there, Alex might see a stranger in the curtain gap and freak out! Me and Alex had moved toward the bed, I still had my dress on, still had my red bra on, he didn’t seem to mind. He gently lowered me onto the bed so I was on my back, after hitching my dress up further he went down on me and started to kiss me down there. I was quite embarrassed because from the feeling I had he was getting me all over his mouth but didn’t seem to care much, I hadn’t been wet like this in sometime and thinking about his large member made me quite grateful! I came hard, so hard in fact I dug my nails in his arm, he didn’t flinch, I arched up and shuddered pretty hard, eventually I had to grab something and tell him to stop. I couldn’t take much more of that and felt pretty weird soon after for coming whilst he was down there, not just because it was a stranger but because it was in front of my BF. Alex stood up and came to kiss me, his mouth was covered in my juice but the mix of that now and the drink was pretty wild. His cock was hard and was pressed against my thigh as he was much taller than me, I looked up and behind me and gestured for him to grab my handbag. I pulled out a condom and handed it to him, he struggled for a moment as the condom was smaller than him, me and my BF hadn’t mentioned this before but it was my choice. He finally got the rubber on and held me by my shoulders, positioning himself to enter me, I guided him in with my hand. When his head pressed against me my lips parted so wide I thought it was his hand or something! I hitched my legs up higher and took his cock, his strokes began slowly and I could feel his ribbed cock along the entire length every time. I thought I’d cum again. Still holding my shoulders I tried to relax as he started to get very heavy with his thrusts, he got into a rhythm and before long my juice was running down my thighs and on his balls. He looked down at the mess I was making and looked back up at me, giving me every inch he could, after some time he pulled out from me and said he had to stop in case he came early. I slid off the bed and held his cock in one hand, lifting it up to lap at his balls…they tasted like me and a taste I’d never tasted before, him. I’d pretty much cleaned his balls and the condom before he got me to stand up, he cupped my ass with one arm and put another around my back. He lifted me up with ease and positioned me over his stiff cock, as he dropped me slowly onto him I used my arms to slow me down, I had no choice but to take all of him eventually. He could lift me and use me like this, after a dozen times I got used to his girth and let him take my weight, this isn’t a position I usually try with my partner, it just seemed awkward before. When he’d had enough of carrying me like this, he let me down and naturally I led on the bed, this time on my front…I was actually quite exhausted by this point, the drink had affected me but I positioned myself so he knew what I wanted. He came over me on all fours and gently wiped his cock around my ass and underneath. He didn’t have much trouble sliding inside me and I welcomed the size this time…he had a hand each side of me and drove himself deep into me, making some fairly embarrassing noises! I knew he must be close by now and wondered what he was going to want when he came. He fucked me in a press up position, it feel amazing, long hard strokes made me shudder underneath him, everything was pretty wet by now. I knew this must have looked so naughty from the balcony, my BF later told me he had just been gently stroking himself by this point trying not to cum and trying not to come in! Eventually Alex lay on top of me driving himself as deep as he could, he felt huge by this point and from the sounds of it he was getting close. He spread my ass with one hand and carried on fucking me until he told me he was about to cum. I pushed him back a little with my hand so he would pull out, he did and quickly removed the condom. I much prefer a cock not covered but for obvious reason we had left it on, I took his wet shaft in my mouth and let him use me to cum. It didn’t take him long before I was struggling to swallow his huge warm load as well as his swollen cock, I took as much as I could but as more came out I took my mouth off. I had to clean up some of the cum from my hands and face, I smiled shyly at him as I did…he was breathing deeply and grinning also. The next fifteen minutes were spent trying to excuse myself for the evening and get Alex to leave. He was reluctant, for obvious reasons but I said I’d prefer to sleep alone tonight and he thanked me, kissed me and left me exhausted. My BF came in the moment Alex had left, still fully clothed but with an obvious erection. I was in the bathrobe supplied by the hotel and sat on the chair, he came over and we talked and giggled about what had just happened. He wasn’t all that happy about having to stand outside the whole time but said he’d never been so turned on in his life. Tired and soaked from myself and Alex, I couldn’t leave my BF unsatisfied, he was a bit reluctant to kiss me on the lips, I could understand that. I got down on my knees and he unbuttoned his jeans…I still felt so turned on as my lips were still wet from Alex. I gave him a slow and wet blowjob, he didn’t complain and just stood there gently holding my head as I lapped at his shaft, I had one hand underneath myself to try and get me off again. He came even more than Alex did but this time I was well prepared, I managed to take most of his load before some came out from underneath his cock and down my chin again. I felt so dirty and so used but this was the idea and I liked it. TD;LR Discussed having my BF watch as I had sex with a stranger, we made it happen on holiday in Spain Oliveskinz83